Mobile Emergency Alert FAQ’s

Medical Alert

What makes Belle different from other mobile personal emergency response systems?

Belle users can do what they love, with the confidence of knowing they can press one button to get help at home and away, anywhere in the US where there is AT&T 3G coverage.  Belle connects users with call center specialists, who can send emergency personnel or loved ones to the user, depending on what is needed. If users need to be located in an emergency, specialists can connect their Belle device to 911 to utilize U-TDOA location technology.  Order Belle Now!


How does Belle work?

When you press and hold the call button, you are connected with a trained call center specialist. You can speak with and listen to the specialist through the powerful built-in microphone and speaker. The specialist will assess the situation and will send EMS, loved ones or neighbors to help you, depending on what is needed.

What accessories come with Belle?

Belle purchases include a charging cradle and lanyard.

Does Belle work in the shower?

Yes, Belle can be used in the shower. However, it is not designed to be submerged in water.

Who can I contact with the Belle?

When you press the call button, you will be connected with a call center specialist. The specilist can send EMS, relatives or friends to you, depending on what is needed..

How long does the Belle battery last?

The rechargeable Belle battery lasts up to 30 days between charging.  You and your loved ones can receive text message and email alerts when Belle needs to be charged and powers off. You may also receive a phone call from a specialist when the Belle battery is low. Belle should be charged for 3 hours every 30 days.

How do I charge Belle?

To charge Belle, rest it on the included charging cradle with Belle’s lanyard at the top of the cradle near the charging cord and Belle’s status lights down near the light on the bottom of the cradle. The red battery light will flash every 2 seconds while Belle is charging. When Belle is fully charged, the battery light will be solid red.

How do I know Belle is working?

When Belle is on and working normally, the blue call light will flash every 5 seconds after a call (until the device goes into standby mode) or if charging, and the battery light will not be on.

Can caregivers call Belle?

Caregivers cannot call Belle devices because Belle devices are off until the call button is pressed, to conserve battery. Belle users can press the button and ask the call center specialist to call a caregiver, neighbor or relative in a non-emergency situation.

Will Belle interfere with my medical equipment?

Belle is essentially a cell phone. If you have a pacemaker, review your pacemaker materials regarding interaction with cell phones, and take the same precautions the materials recommend with this device.

How much does the Belle unit weigh and what are the dimensions?

It weighs 2 oz. and measures 2.7” x 1.7” x 0.7”.

How often should I test Belle?

It is recommended that you test Belle once a month.

To test, press the call button until call light turns blue.

After a short delay, you will hear tones or ringing.

Specialist answers your call.

Tell specialist you are testing.

If the device dials 911, tell the operator you are testing and that the operator can disconnect the call.

How do I purchase the Belle?

Belle is only $129.00 and $21.95 per month.  Contact EMC Security at 770-963-0305 to order today.  Order online here.