Monitored Smoke Detector vs. Other Smoke Detectors

Fire Safety

When considering your smoke detector, sometimes it’s challenging identifying the difference between smoke alarms. 

It’s our goal to clear any questions you may have when it comes to which way you should go when it comes to smoke alarms within your home.

A fire can happen in an instant.

A spark ignites into a flame; a flame erupts into a blaze; a lifetime of memories and hard work goes up in smoke; literally.

Unfortunately, EMC Security knows all too well that fire happens – even to those who think it won’t happen to them. Countless fires around Georgia start in ways home and business owners weren’t prepared for or didn’t guard against. And the result of an unchecked blaze raging through a structure is most often devastating, even with insurance.

Ask anyone who has dealt with the aftermath of a fire and they will tell you of hardship, heartache and, many times, regret. One of the biggest regrets for most is not having proper fire detection methods installed or having no one to monitor those methods.

Fire Detection Systems

Fire protection through EMC Security is a simple addition to your comprehensive alarm monitoring service.

Adding smoke or heat detectors to your home security system may very well be the best decision you make when it comes to the safety and security of your loved ones. If your monitored smoke alarm detects smoke or fire, it will send a signal to your security panel, which will then send an alert to our 24/7 monitoring center.  Our team is technically trained to handle the detection of a fire in a way that minimizes its effect. Faster detection results in faster emergency response times.

monitored smoke detector gives you the security in knowing that the central station knows instantly that an alarm has been triggered and that it came from your master bedroom, for instance.  Now as the monitoring company, we can provide proper and accurate information to the fire department when dispatching them to your home. This in turn helps them to save your home and belongings.

On the contrary, if the smoke detector is local only (not monitored), it will sound the alarm, alerting the occupants of the presence of smoke.  It is up to the occupants to contact authorities, which could take up valuable time.

The best part about our fire alert service is that your monthly monitoring cost doesn’t change when you add it to your security system with EMC Security. Our home alarm monitoring rates start as low as $16.95 a month.

Contact EMC Security to protect your home and everything you love inside, from the threat of fire today.