Most Dangerous Cities in Georgia – 2021 Edition

Crime Stats

Georgia is full of beautiful landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and historical towns. But it also has a few cities that have placed Georgia in the top 3rd of the nation for most dangerous states. 

Based on the latest FBI crime stats for Georgia (2021 Crime in the United States Report), below is a list of the most dangerous cities in Georgia.

The list ranks Georgia cities with over 5,000 people and is based on a ratio of both violent and property crimes per population.

Be safe out there – no matter where you are!


City Violent Crime (per 100k)   Property Crime (per 100k) Notes
1. College Park 1,158 6,794 Ranked #2 last year, and home to Hartsfield Jackson Airport, the busiest airport in the word.  College Park is the most violent place in Georgia.
2. Americus 840 5,526 Also ranked higher than last year, Americus is the Home to Habitat for Humanity’s international headquarters, and the highest incidents of reported rape crimes in the state.
3. Albany 1,053 4,603 Georgia’s 3rd largest city, Albany has high violent crime and property crime rates.
4. Forest Park 720 4,454 Not even on the list of the top 10 last year, Forest Park has a high incidence of violen crimes, including rape and murder.
5. Warner Robins 548 4,710 Burglary and rape crimes dominate this city, which is the 2nd largest city in Georgia.
6. Douglasville 525 5,816 Douglasville rose in the ranks from 15th last year due to a high property crime rate (on average 6 per day).
7. Morrow 419 9,062 Morrow is actually the least violent city on the list but the property crime is the highest for the state, more than 300% higher than the national average.
8. Bainbridge 675 3,912 Located in SW Georgia with the 2nd highest rate of burglaries.
9. Waynesboro 426 3,916 Unfortunately this little city rose 22 places from last year.


Need something positive to chew on?

Here are the safest cities in Georgia:

  1. Kennesaw
  2. Grovetown
  3. Acworth
  4. Alpharetta
  5. Glennville
  6. Woodstock
  7. Hampton
  8. Tyrone
  9. Braselton
  10. Milton


10 Most Dangerous Cities in Georgia

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