No Contract Required

Sep 30, 2021 | EMC Security News, General

What’s the big deal about a security contract?

Think about this scenario:

You hired a company to provide you service on a monthly basis.  You have technology in your home that needs to work, and you are placing your trust in fellow human beings to do what they are paid to do in an emergency situation.

What if you get bad service?  What if your system fails and you weren’t notified?  What if the company is unresponsive, or slow to help you when you need it?

Unlike other monthly home services like trash service, or pest control, home security service could be extremely costly if something goes wrong (and I’m not just talking about monetary costs).  It is really important to understand WHO you hire to provide monitoring service – especially if they lock you into a contract.

The fact is, you can’t purchase most professionally installed security systems on the market without agreeing to at least a 36-month contract. This practice has been the standard for years so the providers can offer low up-front installation and equipment fees.  The problem with this is once the equipment costs would be paid off, the high monthly fee (absorbing the equipment costs) does not reduce.

Since our inception in 1998, EMC Security has offered no-contract monitoring service.  You pay for your equipment upfront with monitoring and communication charges paid on a month to month basis, with the option to cancel any time.

EMC Security puts customer satisfaction above everything else because we know that happy customers are key to maintaining a successful business. By endorsing highly ethical business practices, both within our organization and across our customer and potential customer base, we send our message as a standard, not as a fallback.

This is very important when the lives of our customers are at stake.