Panic Button Protects Customer and Stops Home Invasion!

Mar 5, 2019 | EMC Security News, General

Home intruders strike homes whether people are at home or away.

Statistics show someone is home in three out of every ten burglaries.

The EMC Security monitoring center received a panic alarm from the keyfob of the security system customer in Gainesville, Georgia.  Once the panic button is pressed, the alarm sounds in the home and EMC Security immediately dispatches the police.  The woman that pressed the panic button told us that she thought she could hear someone breaking into her home through one of the windows.

She heard noise on the outside of her home for a few minutes but did not think someone was trying to enter the home.  Soon after she could hear the sounds of a person inside the home.  The customer was fortunate enough to have a key fob with a panic button to manually set off the system when she heard sounds of a break-in and noises of someone in the home.

The system activation – and alarm – scared off the potential intruder.

Though we do not know what the intruder’s intentions were, we know that the security system potentially saved the customer’s life and valuables.

Please inquire about including a panic button key fob as a part of your home security system.  The EMC Security panic button key fob will always operate whether your security system is armed or not.  It is a valuable addition to your security system.