Practical Safety Tips In and Around the City

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Metro Atlanta is a beautiful place to live. Living in the city Atlanta, you have access to everything you need, and it’s easy to get around. However, there are some dangers that come with living in such a busy place.

You need to know how to stay safe if you want to avoid getting hurt or robbed while walking through town or driving through your city neighborhood.

Look around as you are getting out of your vehicle.

As you are getting out of your vehicle, make sure to always look around. Look for anyone who may be lingering behind your car or in a nearby alleyway.

Also, if you notice any people staring at you and/or following you around while walking through the city, be careful! This could be a stalker or someone who wants to hurt both of us!

Look around when you get to the store door

Look around the entrance.

If you’re by yourself, pay close attention to who’s around you before entering the store. If it seems like anyone is hanging out near the entrance, call the police and stay put until they arrive. If it looks like someone might be following or watching you, go inside and ask for help from a staff member or other patron.

Look for anyone hanging out around the entrance

As you make your way to the mall, keep a lookout for people who might be loitering around the entrance. Are they waiting for someone? Or are they just hanging out there? If you think they look suspicious, it’s best not to engage them in conversation. Instead, find another entrance or walk around the building until you see something that looks more inviting.

Call the police if anything suspicious is happening

If you see something suspicious, call 911. Don’t try to be a hero and confront a criminal on your own. Chasing after criminals isn’t worth the risk of getting hurt or killed.

Always walk in a group

One of the best ways to be safe in and around the city is to try and walk in a group. Sure, safety in numbers isn’t just about the number of people you have with you—it’s also about how many exits are available if something goes wrong. But even if it’s just you out walking solo, there are lots of ways to make yourself feel safer.

For example, some people like wearing reflective vests when they walk at night so that cars can see them better. Others rely on whistles or loud talking as a way to alert bystanders if they get into trouble. You might also carry pepper spray or other deterrents that could give would-be attackers pause before trying anything too bold!

Don’t use your phone when walking alone

Most people are aware of the dangers of using your phone while driving, but what about when you’re walking alone in a dark street? Even though it seems like no big deal, walking and texting is just as dangerous.

In fact, since most people don’t realize how easily they can get distracted by their phones, they might even be more prone to accidents or attacks than drivers who have been engrossed with their devices.

Don’t do it! The best way to use your phone in public is to always keep it in your pocket (or purse). That way, if someone approaches you on foot or in their vehicle and tries asking for directions or for help with something else that seems suspicious—don’t answer them! Instead, keep walking toward an area where there are other people and call 911 immediately if necessary.

Be aware of what is happening around you at all times

It is important to be aware of what is happening around you at all times. This will help to keep you safe.

When getting out of your vehicle, make sure that you look around and check for any suspicious activity before unlocking your door.

Before entering a store, check for anyone that may be hanging around the entrance or lurking nearby.

If a stranger approaches while walking through an alleyway or parking lot, try to stay away from them and get back into public view as quickly as possible.


If you do find yourself in a dangerous situation, call 911 and get help.