Professional vs Self Alarm Monitoring


One of the most important decisions when buying a home security system is whether to pay a monthly fee for professional monitoring or save money and self-monitor your system.

Although self-monitoring is a cheaper option, there are reasons to consider a professionally monitored system from EMC Security:

1. The EMC Security central monitoring service is watching around the clock, every hour, every minute, every second your alarm is armed, to ensure authorities are notified as quickly as possible.  Average response is 14 seconds!

2.  Two words – Fire Protection.  Did you know that EMC Security monitors customers homes for smoke and heat at no additional monthly cost?  Simply add an EMC Security smoke detector and integrate with your security system and if there’s a fire, you’ll be notified whether at home or away.

At home or away, awake or asleep, EMC Security’s got your back.  Call today to set up professional monitoring at your home today.