Protect Your Rural Property


A few years ago a friend told me,  “I don’t need security, I don’t even have to lock my doors way out here.”  Fast forward to 2021, their large barn with thousands of dollars of equipment and family valuables was broken into, and my friend is now installing a professional security system with cameras.  Unfortunately, there are desperate people everywhere that will stop at nothing to claim what’s yours. 

It’s time to be prepared.  Below is a list of solutions to keep you and your valuables safe:


  1. Video surveillance—a must have!

Many rural properties are situated on acres of land with additional structures such as barns and sheds. A security system with video surveillance is the best defense against potential threats since you can keep an eye on your entire property, prepare yourself for whatever the cameras may see, and notify the proper authorities before things escalate.

If a thief is successful, the video could come in handy in identifying and catching the culprit. 

Rural property owners use video cameras to view everything else that lives on the property.  For example, you can quickly act on weather damage to property or unwelcome wild animals bothering your livestock or getting into the vegetation.


  1. Shine a light on intruders

Burglars can’t stand lights, so when it comes to keeping your rural property safe, auto-lighting came make a huge difference between keeping your house, equipment, or even livestock safe. When looking for a motion-sensor lighting system for your rural property, look for one that can be accessed remotely from anywhere.


  1. Lock it up

The more layers of security you add to your property, the safer you and your family will be. Smart door locks are smart decision because they go far beyond remotely locking and unlocking your doors. For example, you can create an emergency automation that immediately unlocks your doors in case of a fire.