Exclusive Quote Match – Terms and Conditions

Aug 9, 2023 | General

EMC Security’s Quote Match program is designed to prioritize both your safety and peace of mind.  We believe that customers should have control over their security service. While we are proud to offer no-contract monthly service to protect your flexibility as a consumer, we understand that individual needs vary. If you prefer a monthly installment contract, we’re happy to match any competitive offer.

Experience the EMC Security difference that award-winning local service and top-notch customer care provide.  Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity today.

Terms & Conditions
  • To be eligible for the Quote Match, customer must submit a written, competitive quote containing clearly outlined security system equipment and terms to an EMC Security representative via email or in person before agreeing to an EMC Security proposal.
  • Competitive quotes submitted after written acceptance of an EMC Security proposal will not be considered.
  • Qualifying competitive quotes must originate from a full-service professional installation security company that operates within your service area, and display a company logo or brand identification.
  • The program applies to residential, professionally installed systems.  Exclusions to this offer include:
    – Self-install systems
    – NVR camera systems
    – Online quotes
  • The EMC Security quote will include like-items as the competitive proposal including the up front cost, monthly fees, and contract term length, with equipment compatible with EMC Security systems, communication, and monitoring standards.
  • Any competitive quote match that requires a contract term (not a month to month term) will require the customer credit qualify for the program.  The minimum credit score for a contract term is 650 beacon score with Experian.  Failure to meet credit requirements will exclude the customer from the Quote Match program and will make them ineligible for the first month of competitive monitoring cost to be covered by EMC Security.
  • If we are unable to match a competitive quote that is accepted by the customer, EMC Security will cover the first month’s monitoring cost.  The amount must match that of the competitive quote sent to EMC Security.  We will send a check within 90 days following receipt of the monitoring invoice.
  • In the event of service cancellation, the customer is required to honor the terms and conditions of the EMC Security proposal. This includes fulfilling all payments due to EMC Security, in accordance with the proposal and EMC Security cancellation policy.
  • Existing terms and conditions contained within the EMC Security Monitoring Agreement and other EMC Security policies apply.

Contact your EMC Security representative or call 770-963-0305 to discuss the program details and take advantage of the offer.

Expires 12/31/2023