Safety Tips for Black Friday

Homeowner Tips

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who are willing to brave the Black Friday crowds in search of a great deal and those who won’t.

If you’re among the former, some thoughtful planning and a few precautions can make your day more productive, safe, and most of all, fun.

Tips for in-store Black Friday shopping:

  • Park near a light. Thieves are less likely to target shoppers whose car lights are brightly lit – especially if they’re parked in an open space. 

  • Stash your goodies in the trunk. As the old saying goes – “Out of sight, out of mind.” As a result, there won’t be anything to temp a would-be thief.  

  • Keep Away from ATMs. If you can’t, at least choose one that is well lit. Additionally, shield your PIN as you key it in, and don’t leave behind receipts that may contain personal information.

  • Use the buddy system. As with anything, there’s safety in numbers. If you do plan on separating, make a plan to meet up and consider color coordinating. That way, it will be easier to spot your friends or family members.

  • Keep your purse on your body or your wallet in your front pocket. These measures will make it more difficult for pick-pocketers to lift your wallet or wrangle your purse away from you.  

  • Remain alert in parking lots. Before you get in your car, look in it and under it. Additionally, have your keys handy so you are not distracted trying to locate them.  

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