Best locations for your security cameras


    60% of burglars would consider the presence of security cameras when selecting a target, and more than 40% said that cameras are a factor in choosing another target.

    Law abiding people don’t tend to consider the mind of a burglar. But the fact is, most thieves know more about home security than the average home owner. So it’s important to know the best place to put a security camera so they skip your home and move on, away from your property.  Learn more from the video below.

      Front Door

      • Because most burglars try the front door first, installing a security camera here is a great way to deter them before they try to get in.
      • Place your camera above the door, about 7 feet up, at a downward angle to best record facial images.

      Side and Back Doors

      • If the front door isn’t an option, the burglar will most likely try a side or back door.  Reports show that 22% of burglars enter through the back door because they know that in most homes the back door is not as secure as the front.
      • If there is a window at the door, position the camera so that it covers them both.
      • It’s also a good idea to position a camera to cover your entire backyard and any out-building you may have.


      • Approximately 23% of burglars will break into a home from a first floor window if they can’t get in through a door. Windows at the back or side of the house are the most vulnerable.
      • This is also a good place for an indoor camera placed on a table focusing on the window and anything that might crawl through.


      • Approximately 9% of burglars get in the house through the garage so consider pointing a security camera at your garage doors.

      It’s important to remember that security cameras are not a replacement for monitored home security systems.  They are to simply add an extra layer of security.  If you want to feel safe and secure inside your home, you should purchase a security system with professional monitoring so if an intruder gets inside, you will have help – quickly.