Security System Upgrade – When and Why is it Important?

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Most homeowners experience excitement when installing their first home security system but as time goes on, they tend to overlook the evolution of truth – a security system is not a once-in-a-lifetime investment. In order for home security to be and remain efficient, they need to be upgraded every so often. Nevertheless, some homeowners keep their same security systems for decades and tend to think as long as it functions, there’s no need for a new one. In some ways, you could argue that they have a point, right? As the old adage goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if there’s anything that life has taught us all it is that change is inevitable, which is why it’s important to consider essential options to raise the efficiency of your home security system by upgrading.

Older security systems are tethered to cameras that rely on outdated technology. For example, the quality and resolution of footage captured by these devices may appear grainy and lack details, especially after zooming in, thereby making it impossible to identify thieves.


Over time, other faults such as malfunctioning motion detectors that trigger false alarms due to errors, become apparent too.


One of the biggest threats for any homeowner with an older security system is that most of them still rely on a landline in order for them to work properly. Savvy burglars can easily disable the entire unity by severing the line, thereby leaving your entire house unprotected.  Upgrading to a modern home security system would bring your home security up-to-date and make it independent from the landline by using wireless monitoring via cell towers instead.


In addition to making your home safer, newer security systems provide unparalleled convenience compared to their predecessors. For example, upgrading an older alarm panel board will allow you remote access to your home security system via smartphone. Even small things like keypads can be upgraded to a whole new level. Say goodbye to those plain rubbery buttons and exchange them with new features like fully colored touch screens, date, time, and even weather forecast.


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