Security Tips for Travelers

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Ask any business professional and they’ll tell you, the world has grown in ways that demand professional services all over the world, which is why a growing number of people work away from home, and even those who don’t will often travel on a regular basis.

How to Keep Your Home Safe

As a result, one of the problems for professionals who frequently travel for work is finding a reliable way to ensure that their home is safe while they are away. With the number of burglaries and home invasions on the rise, you want to ensure that you are not one of those statistics.

Here are some security tips to make your home as secure as possible.

EMC Security Pre-Travel Checklist
  •  Tidy up the exterior of your house including mowing the lawn. Overgrown grass, unmoved rubbish and dormant toys/tools make a house look unoccupied. If you plan on traveling long enough for the grass to get overgrown, arrange with a trusted adult to mow your lawn.
  • Don’t leave your car outside.
  • Put your snail mail and any paper delivery on vacation hold.
  • Give spare keys to a trusted adult. This person should also know the “safe” word for your security system should they be in contact with the monitoring center.
  • Hopefully you have a reliable neighbor who will promptly remove any flyers in your door or on the knob.
  • Here’s something you probably never thought of: A burglar casing your street on trash pickup day may notice the one house whose trash cans aren’t at the curb. Hmmm…maybe those people are away on vacation? So have a neighbor bring your trash cans out on trash day—with trash in them—and then bring them back in.
  • Set up an automatic timed lighting system. Open curtains or shades enough to reveal this to anyone passing by, but not enough for someone to be able to see your valuables through your windows.
  • And don’t forget to arm your alarm system before you embark on your trip.

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