September, 2021


In 1980, the University of Georgia had 2 epic moments in one:

The Georgia Bulldogs won the College Football National Championship game – The Sugar Bowl, versus Notre Dame...and at that event – Hairy Dawg, the now beloved mascot, made his 1st appearance. Many think he brought the team good luck to bring home their victory. 

40 years later, Hairy’s Dawg House was built, in appreciation of 40 years of loyalty and service alongside his brother, Uga – the English Bulldog fans also know and love. 

The House is provided by the Official Home Service Team of the Georgia Bulldogs – 4 local home service companies. This year, EMC Security is updating Hairy Dawg’s home security system – with top of the line security including interactive cameras and our convenient mobile app – to keep Hairy, his furry friends, and his home safe, at all times. 

Visit Hairy’s Dawg House just outside the stadium on the Dawg Walk on game day!

a college student studying

Safe away at school with EMC Security

College towns, apartments in particular, are ripe for burglary during holidays and weekends.  That’s why we strongly urge students living in apartments to get security a system.

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One of the most convenient features of modern security systems is the mobile app.

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Since the app has the ability to arm and disarm your system, view camera video, and control other home functions, it’s important to keep it secure with protection from hackers. 

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an EMC security sign in front of a house