Should I Add Glass Breaks To My System?


Glass breaks can be an important addition to your home security system.

Glass breaks are sensors that detect the sound frequency and percussion of glass breaking and send the signal to your home security system to activate the alarm.

So why would you need glass break sensors installed as a part of your security system if you already have door and window sensors?

Door and window sensors are only effective if the door or window is opened.  If an intruder instead decides to break the glass of the window to enter your home, the window sensor won’t trigger the alarm.  A glass break sensor will trigger the alarm when it detects the sound and vibration of the glass breaking. 

So the question remains:

Should I add glass breaks to my security system?

It’s important to remember that glass break sensors are used to enhance the security system you already have in place to make it even more effective.

We would suggest glass break sensors for any home that features:

  • Large windows
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Rooms with many windows, such as sun rooms
  • Exterior doors with windows or decorative window panes
  • Homes with windows that are painted shut

While homes with large windows provide extra sunlight and views, they’re also a potential target for would-be criminals. Glass break sensors can help protect you in the event a criminal tries to enter your home.

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