Stocking Stuffers That Put Safety First

Homeowner Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This season, when shopping for your loved ones, consider gifts and stocking stuffers that put safety first.

The following list has 20 ideas to help you get started.

  1. Motion activated safety lights ($10-$20) – Battery-operated LED lights to illuminate your doorstep, driveway or backyard.
  2. Auto-light ($30-$50) – When you’re not home, use these lights to randomly turn on in order to simulate an occupied house.
  3. Two- or three-story fire escape ladder ($50-$150) – Usually holds up to 1,000 pounds in an emergency.
  4. Fire-safe security box ($50-$90) – Protects documents and other valuables from fire and water damage.
  5. Flameless candles ($10-$25) – Or sturdy candle holders to prevent accidents.
  6. Dryer safety alarm ($55-$70) – Provides audible and visual cues when lint builds up in the clothes dryer’s exhaust system and restricts airflow.
  7. Carbon monoxide detector (approx. $30) – Your pet or loved one’s safety could depend on this device that detects the silent killer.
  8. Wireless key finder ($15-$25) – Helps find keys up to 60 feet away.
  9. No-battery flashlight ($10-$25) – These small lights can be charged by plugging into your car outlet, shaking the device for 30 seconds or using a hand crank to illuminate your way.
  10. Bike lock ($20-$30) – Great for any age.
  11. Glowing pet leash ($20-$30) – You can also find LED dog collars and leashes that are visible up to 1,000 feet away and are weather-resistant.
  12. Reflective gloves ($15-$25) – To be safe, warm and visible at night.
  13. LED light-up shoelaces ($5-$10) – Available in fun colors, they can be used on running shoes, boots and skates and come with a replaceable battery that’s good for 70 hours.
  14. Cord and power strip covers ($10-$50) – Tie up loose blind cords and cover potentially dangerous electrical outlets.
  15. Emergency Alert Pendant ($99 – $149) – Call for help at the press of a button.
  16. Pepper Spray ($15 – $20) – Perfect for anyone mature enough to use it.
  17. Automated door lock ($199+) – No key needed to enter with a passcode or mobile app controls.
  18. Video Doorbell ($199) – See, hear, and talk to whomever is at your door from the kitchen or across town with a video doorbell.  Motion activated with alert notifications and video streaming to a mobile device.
  19. Security Camera ($99+) – Never miss a moment!  Stay in control with live streaming video and alert notifications right to your mobile device.
  20. Wireless Remote Control for Security System ($65+) – With panic button.  Arm or disarm your system.


For the ultimate gift of peace of mind, give the gift of home security.  View systems and shop online here.

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