Stop Thief!! Prevent a Burglary at Your Home

Mar 5, 2021 | Crime Stats, Homeowner Tips

A break-in can be extremely scary and intrusive.

If you’ve ever talked to someone that’s experienced a break-in they will tell you they almost feel….violated.  And afraid.  I talk from first-hand experience.

My goal is to help you to prevent this from happening at your house.  So we’ve compiled a list of lesser-known tips to prevent break-ins before they happen.

list #1:

1. Prevent boxes from leaking info

Leaving the electronic boxes (for a TV, laptop, ipad or phone) on your driveway delivers the message to criminals that you have valuable things in your house. An improvised home security idea you can adopt is to tear down the boxes to store inside the trashcan or haul them to the dump right away.

empty boxes

2. Use window film for added privacy

Front doors with side pane glass look nice but add a home security complication: privacy.  At night, you can see right through these windows into your yard. While it’s good that you can see other people, it’s bad that they can see you. For just a few dollars, add decorative window film to solve the problem.

window film

3. Place car keys near your bed

Keeping your car keys near your bed while you sleep is one of the lesser known but effective tips.  In case you hear any abnormal sound in your garage, you can press the car alarm panic button to scare away the potential thief who tries to break into your car.

a bedroom


 4.  Avoid hiding things in the bedroom

The master bedroom is one of the first places burglars look after entering a house.  Take a quick inventory of what you keep in your master bedroom. Is there jewelry, electronics, cash, or credit cards? Anything of value that can easily be moved should be relocated to somewhere unexpected. Few criminals would think to check for valuables in these places. Doing the unexpected can save you in the long run.

a thief in a house