Teach Your Kids About Your Security System

Homeowner Tips

A home security system provides you and your family with additional protection in the event of an emergency.

Ideally, adults should be the only people operating a home security system; however, what better way is there for children to learn how to keep safe than by learning how to work the home security system by themselves?

How to Teach Your Kids about Your Security System

  • Review your home’s access points, such as doors and windows, discussing how the alarm system is triggered and the process that follows.
  • Provide instruction on how to turn the system on and off. Review the password with them and express the importance of keeping it secure by not telling others. This is particularly important if your child has friends over while you’re not at home. To be on the safe side, consider changing the password periodically.
  •  Practice!  Set up times to perform practice drills and review security measures.  This is a great time to teach children what to do in the event of a false alarm.
  •  Consider a mobile security app for additional peace of mind and convenience. With the mobile app, you’re able to view, arm, and disarm the security system from anywhere.

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