The Best Home Security with Pets in the House


Security technology has gotten so advanced that pet owners don’t need to be too concerned about false alarms much these days.

You can design a security system with everyone in your home in mind, including your pets:

Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors

Nothing is more frustrating than leaving your house and arming your security system, only for your pet to set off the motion sensors. That’s why, if you have pets, it’s crucial to get a home security system with pet-friendly motion sensors. This way, your pet can roam freely through the house without triggering your alarm.

Security Cameras

Any camera can help you to monitor your pets, but who has time to watch a live stream all day? Make sure that the security system you choose has cameras with the mobile app so you can receive customized alerts regarding your pet.  Wi-Fi cameras are great for this because you can move them around your home as needed.  One time we left to go on vacation and placed the indoor camera right by our cat’s bed.  We got to see him and talk to him any time we wanted.

a dog lies next to his food bowl


24/7 Monitoring with Pets

If you have an EMC Security monitored system, you can add the details of your pets to your account. By doing so, you’re allowing emergency responders to automatically receive information about your pets’ presence when they respond to an alert about your home. This information makes a pet rescue that much more possible.

This is particularly important for fire monitoring.  You want the responders to know where the pets are so they can get them to safety immediately upon entering a burning building.


Smart Door Lock

A smart door lock is a fantastic product for those who have a dog walker come to their house while away. Giving your dog walker a key to your home or leaving a key under the doormat is risky. The EMC Security Smart Door Lock allows you to create a unique code for your dog walker to use when they need to enter. You’ll receive alerts whenever they come and go.


DIY Installation

Have a pet that is anxious around strangers?  When a professional installer comes into your home, your pet may get upset, so a home security system with DIY installation may be your best bet.  With DIY installation, the equipment is easy to set up and does not require drilling. In fact, no tools are needed at all.  Plus, you save money with a self-install system from EMC Security.


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