The Future is Here: Your Guide to the Smart Home Ecosystem

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In the Beginning

Back in the 1980s the most advanced technology in smart home devices was a gadget called The Clapper, which allowed homeowners to turn their lights on and off by simply clapping their hands twice. Clap. Clap.

Fast-forward to more than thirty years later and the advancements in smart home technology are obvious and  easy to see..

In many cases, these advancements have made simple tasks such as staying in touch with our friends and family much simpler but perhaps the best examples can be found among the many ways modern advances have helped us live safer, smarter, and more efficient lives at home. In fact, research shows that more than 9 out of every 10  homes in the United States own a smart home device. Smart home technology transforms your home into a comprehensive system that all works together to make your home a more secure, convenient place to live.

Benefits of a Smart Home Security


It goes without saying that every home is different… Some homes are big with many rooms, windows, doors and large gardens. Some homes are small, some have many floors and some just have one. That’s what makes our homes great. With EMC Security, you can customize your smart home security system to focus on all the features you find important to meet your needs.

For example, let’s say you want to design a home security system that extends itself beyond intrusion detection. You can personalize your security system by adding features like a smart doorbell, outdoor security cameras, and smart thermostats.

Just because buying a home is a major investment, it doesn’t mean updating your home with smart devices has to be costly or unaffordable. EMC smart home technology delivers hundreds of features that help make our lives more convenient while transforming your home into everything you want it to be.


Always in the Know

Many people rarely ever think about the dangers associated with a normal doorbell until they find a viable alternative. Traditional doorbells come with some serious weaknesses. For instance, the home’s front door happens to be the most popular when entering or leaving the house.

As such, it is common for homeowners to forget to lock the door properly. Also, whenever someone rings your doorbell, you have to physically go to the door to see who is outside. This inherently increases your exposure to potential risks in the event that you open the door to an unfamiliar and dangerous person. Video doorbells help you eradicate these risks.

Today’s doorbell incorporates two-way audio, HD camera, and a Wi-Fi connection. These are features that can easily be accessed from your smartphone, thereby helping you to enhance convenience and safety.


Smart devices can improve access and security around the home, such as through motion sensors, smart locks, doorbells and smart windows and doors. However, there have been issues of smart homes being compromised through security breaches so always be mindful of how your personal data is used.

LOCKS.  Be confident your home is secure with smart lock control at your fingertips.

LIGHTS.  Control lights remotely or program them to turn on and off on a schedule or when you arrive home.

THERMOSTATS.  Home or away – monitor the temperature of your home with thermostat control.

VIDEO.  Keep an eye on the most important people in your life. From kids to packages to four-legged family members—be in-the-know at all times.


Is a smart home worth it?

If you avoid gimmicks and choose smart devices that individually, practically make your life easier, with an eye on the bigger picture of how they all fit into a smart home ecosystem, we think a smart home can be well worth it.