The Pros of DIY Security Systems

Mar 14, 2019 | General

If you’re considering purchasing a home security system, there are two options in which you can choose:

  1. Professional installed system
  2. Do it yourself system

It goes without question that DIY security systems have dominated the home security market in recent years, but how can you determine if they are right for you? Let’s take a look at the pros of the DIY home security systems below.


  • Helps You Cut Cost and Save Money

Looking for ways to secure your home on a budget? If so, installing a security system yourself might be the optimal route for you. A basic DIY home security system usually comes with sensors, motion detectors, base station, and keypad. The cost ranges from $199+. Once you’ve purchased the system, you’ll still need to pay the monthly service fee for monitoring of your alarm, but you’ll save hundreds of dollars from the cost of having your system installed by a professional tech.

A benefit of purchasing from EMC Security  is our full-service technical support.  Need help?  Give us a call.  If you need a technician to visit your home, we can do that too.  You’re never on your own purchasing a DIY system from EMC Security like you would be if you purchased it online or from a big box retailer.


  • A DIY Security System Is Portable

The average person lives in 11 different homes throughout the entirety of their life, so if moving into a new house is in your future, a self-install kit may be right for you.  DIY security systems are wireless, making them easy to install, expand, move, upgrade and change.


  • No Restrictions to Add-ons

Many homeowners decide to purchase a basic security system initially and add or upgrade it over time. DIY home security systems are usually compatible with other popular smart devices which means you can shop around for a variety of options allowing you to truly customize your system based on your needs. For instance, if you purchase a basic DIY security system with a keypad and sensors and later decide you want to add video doorbell or indoor surveillance cameras, you can easily upgrade your current system.


  • Access to Smart Home Features

Say goodbye to the days of old when you had to worry about having forgotten to turn off the lights before leaving for vacation. Online portals and smartphones make it possible to integrate cameras and smart-home devices with your security system and control everything remotely.


Ultimately, determining whether to hire a security company to do the work or deciding to handle to installation on your own depends on your individual circumstances.  But if EMC Security is your choice, you can bet that you’re never on your own.  We are just a phone call away.