Thermal Camera Solution

Contactless and continuous non-invasive temperature detection.

Efficient –  Visible – Real-time 

High accuracy temperature monitoring

Ultra-high accuracy ±0.54°F temperature monitoring

Rapidly monitor multiple people

Monitor up to 30 people per second, from up to 15 feet away.

Automatic temperature monitoring

Continuous non-invasive temperature monitoring. 

Alerts and alarms for further action

Live alerts to both mobile app and on-site recorder.

Efficient Results

The total evaluation process takes mere moments, producing images in near real-time.  No need for individuals to stop in front of the camera or remove hats, glasses, or face masks; the temperature measurements can be taken as they walk past.


Because many people can be screened at once, the thermal solution is well-suited for crowded environments such as hospitals, airports, public transportation hubs, office buildings, and schools.

High Accuracy

Capable of measuring small temperature differences, thermal cameras can help identify people with an elevated temperature compared to the general population. That individual can then be further screened if necessary.

Advanced Technology

Automatic recording of temperatures that exceed a limit defined by the operator, with a built-in alarm so users can make an immediate decision regarding whether the subject may need further screening. 

Thermal Camera Solution

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Although thermal imaging cameras are generally accurate temperature measurement devices, they have not been tested or qualified as diagnostics medical equipment and should not be used to diagnose any medical conditions. The images displayed are for illustrative purposes only.

Other Common Applications

Auto Manufacturing 

In the race for better performing, fuel-saving, and lighter automobiles, thermal cameras can provide non-destructive, efficient quality checks on every electrical system, motor assemblies and window heating elements.

Chemical Industries

Thermal imaging makes it easier to non-invasively, without personal contact, capture and measure temperature with greater accuracy, which is essential in hazardous and non-hazardous chemical material production. 


Thermal cameras systems replace humans in direct contact with electrical systems and circuits, so testing for  blockages, over-heating, and loose connections can be conducted without interrupting the flow of power.

Building and Structural 

Thermal cameras can capture temperature measurements from any surface.  The use of thermal cameras can improve building materials and structure in order to combat energy loss and waste.