Thieves Never Check These Hiding Places

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No one ever expects to get robbed, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Your home is actually full of secret hiding spots thieves will never consider looking.

Let’s just admit that we all have the habit of stashing our most valued possessions in common places that are easy to spot. In fact, burglars are experts who have years of experience and know exactly where to find these items. Avoid keeping your items in the prime spots like your master bedroom, bedroom closet, desk drawer in your study room, your jewelry box, or the cabinet in the hallway. These are the most common places where burglars search for these items. However, there are plenty of creative ways to hide your valuables and trick burglars — after all, they are humans too!


Here are 6 clever places to hide your valuables in your home:  


1) Library or a Study Room

Home library or office room with bookshelves. This is an excellent spot to stash your valuables, especially if you have lots of books. It becomes a tedious task for thieves to search between the books, especially when they only have a short amount of time to pull off the theft. 

2) Garage

Most homeowners have a garage or a storage room as a part of their houses. And while most homeowners tend to dump old stuff in these areas, such as spare boxes and paint cans. However, you can empty and clean some of the discarded boxes and hide your valuable items inside them. Research shows that this is one of the least expected places to find valuables, so burglars won’t suspect it. 

3) Safe or a Locker

Keeping a personal safe or a lock box in your home is a fantastic idea. You can store your important documents, your expensive jewelry or any other valuable item inside it. Make sure that it meets insurance standards. If possible, keep it in a less obvious place, other than your bedroom.

4) Kitchen cabinets and appliances

Have you ever thought of choosing kitchen cabinets or appliances as a hiding place? It’s a clever idea to use food boxes as a secret cash stack. Considering the fact that your kitchen is full of food boxes and other containers, you can randomly pick and select somewhere to stash your cash to keep it safe from thieves. Burglars won’t even think of checking these boxes.

5) Kid’s room

There are other unsuspecting rooms that you can use to keep your valuable possessions. Although the bedroom is the most expected room burglars go for, a kid’s room is usually not considered, and therefore, never searched. Try to find clever spots within your kid’s room and hide your valuables creatively.


Unless you invest in a home security system (and sometimes even if you do), it’s not possible to protect every item in your home.  In short, do what you can to make your home a difficult, inconvenient, and time-consuming target that will deter a would-be burglar. 


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