For families throughout the US, Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday.

Loved ones gathered around the table, counting blessings, mouths watering in anticipation of roast turkey and all the trimmings, pumpkin pie, grandma’s special recipes and all of the traditions that warm the heart.

Whether you’re spending the day with relatives or enjoying time with friends, practicing safety in all regards will ensure that you enjoy the holiday to its fullest.

Here are three that you should consider setting up before Thanksgiving Day.

1. Open your door, save energy

From last-minute errands to welcoming visitors, you’ll be opening your front door a lot during the holiday. When your heating is running at the same time, you can end up spending big bucks on your energy bill.

If you have an EMC Security Smart Thermostat, now is the perfect time to put it to use because it can automatically adjust its settings to save energy and protect your heating bill.

2. Give guests anytime access

Are you hosting family members for several days? If so, give them a temporary user code to your security system.

Unique user codes will allow your guests to come and go as they please. User codes can also trigger a smartphone alert every time it’s used. This is great if you’re away from home and want to know who’s coming and going.

3. Get proactive protection from fire danger

With everything ranging from log fires and deep fryers, during the Thanksgiving holiday official typically see an increase in house fires across the country. As well as being extra-mindful on the day, make sure that your home is protected in advance by installing an EMC Security smart smoke detector.

These detectors don’t just warn you about a fire, they can proactively alert our monitoring station, who dispatches your local fire department. If you don’t have smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed yet, now is a good time to talk to an EMC Security representative about adding them.

We hope you have a happy, safe and smart Thanksgiving!