Top 4 Reasons to Get a Video Doorbell

Jun 25, 2020 | Security-Cameras

When it comes to safety, there’s nothing we depend on more than our abodes, not only do they contain most of our possessions but it’s what we rely on to keep our families safe.

And with recent increase in crime throughout many cities in Georgia, it’s clear that we need to be taking precautions to protect ourselves and our homes at all costs.

Years ago, well-known tricks like leaving lights on while you were away from home were strategies we might have depended on to deter unwanted visitors, but times have changed and homeowner are forced to start thinking bigger.

Video doorbells have quickly become a homeowner’s best option when it comes to keeping opportunistic burglars and thieves at bay. Not only will this give you peace of mind but installing these extra security measures could even lower the cost of your home insurance.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons why you should consider upgrading to a video doorbell – the latest in smart home technology to protect your house, family and valuables.

1. Record events and provide evidence

A video doorbell is comprised of a set of internet-connected security tools and equipment which can send data about movement and trespassing to your smartphone via an app. This system allows you to monitor what goes on outside your home. Video doorbells can ensure you know who is on your property without you having to go to the door and will lessen an opportunity for a thief to enter your home.

Upgrade Your Doorbell to a Video Doorbell

2. Check on your property from any location

Most video doorbells links to your smartphone and make it possible for you to connect and monitor real-time footage from almost anywhere. This functionality gives you a much higher sense peace of mind when you go away and can also give you an opportunity to thwart any potential attempts of burglary to your home. Additionally, many video doorbells include the option to remotely set off an alarm to scare trespassers away and draw attention to your home.

 3. Tower home insurance premiums

Your home insurance is usually broken down into two sections: buildings insurance and contents insurance. The first covers any damage to the structure of your home, which also includes the replacement cost of pipes, garages and fences, whereas contents insurance covers internal possessions and furnishings.

In some cases, installing a video doorbell becomes an incentive for insurers to give you a discount on your coverage. Having an added layer of protection around your home and its contents, along with the reduced opportunity for theft or damage to your property usually appeals to insurance companies because they may see your property as less of a risk, and not claiming on your insurance can lower it over time.

 4. It can increase property value

When it comes to selling your home, the likelihood of getting a good deal increase if the home includes smart home security gadgets, such as video doorbells. One good suggestion is to add this extra protective layer to your home to make it more appealing to would-be buyers to help promote the assurance of a lesser chance of burglary and theft in the event that criminals are made aware the additional security measures being taken to monitor them.

Although some smart home security may seem expensive, with an increase in interest for these protective measures, there are now more affordable models coming out. So, everybody can guard their homes and families, whether they’re in or not.

Upgrade Your Doorbell to a Video Doorbell