Unlocking the Full Potential of Your EMC Security System

Sep 7, 2023 | Commercial/Business

Securing a business isn’t just about protecting premises, assets, and personnel; it’s about creating peace of mind – a vital ingredient for growth.

As a dedicated provider of commercial security solutions, we at EMC Security understand the unique needs and considerations of small businesses. Below, we’ve provided a series of tips to help you derive maximal benefits from your EMC Security alarm system, keeping your business secure, and helping you maintain focus on what truly matters – your success.

Regular System Testing

Imagine you have a faulty window sensor and you’re unaware of this because you never test the system. Your business could be at risk of a break-in through that unchecked window. By routinely testing your system, you’re ensuring that all entry points are secure, which could potentially prevent a harmful incident.  How to test your system >

Maintaining an Updated Emergency Contact List

An effective response to a security alert is only as robust as the contact list linked to your alarm system. Make sure your system’s notification settings are primed to alert the right people promptly upon detecting a problem. This simple measure guarantees a swift, decisive response whenever the alarm is triggered.  Update your contact list >

Train Your Staff

Your team is an integral part of your business’s security protocol. Equip them with knowledge, teaching them about how the EMC Security system works. This simple measure reduces the chances of false alarms and ensures an efficient reaction in case of a real security breach.

an employee viewing surveillance footage

Regularly Check Backup Power

Having a backup power system isn’t optional; it’s imperative – especially when your business’s security is at stake. Regular examination of your backup power supply ensures your security system stays operative during power cut scenarios, a sign of absolute resilience.

Review of Video Footage

If your system includes video surveillance, take time to periodically review the footage captured by your security cameras. This practice will help discern the normal from abnormal, enabling you to respond proactively to anomalies, while confirming that your cameras are capturing their surroundings effectively.

Review Alarm Log

Staying informed about historical alarm events is as important as looking ahead. Regularly reviewing your alarm logs will help identify any patterns of false alarms, enabling you to take corrective actions where necessary.

Safeguard Access

Change is the only constant when maintaining security. Regularly update alarm codes and ensure all key personnel are aware of them for effective, secure access when required.


By incorporating these detailed guidelines into your regular operations, you can elevate your small commercial or small business security system to its maximum potential, reaping the benefits of an investment well made in your business’s safety and success. Remember, EMC Security is your trusted partner, committed to providing peace of mind and unwavering customer service, 24/7.