What to do if your package is stolen

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Many of us have felt the frustration of expecting a package delivery and it not arriving on time.  Worse yet, an increasing number of people have received a notice of delivery but the package isn’t there.  Below are tips on what to do if this happens to you.

Check again. Check every entrance of your home and spots the delivery driver could have left it, like the bushes around the front porch, the back porch, the garage, or between the screen door and front door.  We’ve even seen packages sitting in the bushes adjacent to the mailbox.

Contact the delivery company. Have your tracking number and order details handy. If they can validate that the package was indeed delivered, ask if they can verify the location.  UPS will often upload an image of the package (and location) as proof of delivery.  Ask about the company policy on stolen packages. If the theft was due to their mistake, they might be able to help you.

Contact the retailer. Get in touch with customer service and have your order and tracking number ready. The customer service rep can tell you the store or company policy on stolen items.

File a report. Report your missing package to the police and the Postal Inspection Service if it was shipped via the USPS.  The more agencies helping you track down your stolen package, the better.

Make it Easier:

There’s a reason why doorbell cameras are the most popular home security cameras.  They work.  A doorbell camera records all activity from your front door – to an optional range of your choice.  Some can view road traffic and others choose to only see what happens within a few feet of the camera.  The best cameras have an intercom feature that lets you talk to anyone on your doorstep.  EMC Security’s doorbell camera is just $149.

For extra security, outdoor cameras can be placed around the perimeter of your home starting at $99 each.