Why is a Home Security Mobile App So Convenient?

General, Smart-Home

Studies show that CONVENIENCE is what people most desire when choosing consumer goods for the home.

Fortunately, EMC Security has got that covered.  With the EMC Security mobile app, you’ll be able to control your home security system and equipment from anywhere you are – across town or across the country.

What even better is that if you have a system in your home, chances are, EMC Security can use the equipment already installed and integrate the mobile app.

So, you don’t have to spend extra for an entire new system to have the same conveniences offered.

With a home security app, you’ll have the ability to:

Check your security system status.  Is it armed, disarmed, etc.

Arm/disarm your system.  Have you ever forgotten if you remembered to set the alarm?  No worries, we’ve got your covered.

Receive alerts if the status changes or if a sensor is triggered.  You’ll know immediately when someone enters or leaves the house, lets out the dog, and more.

Add users.  Set up profiles for other family members or guests with their dedicated passcode.

Integrate your compatible video doorbell.  Receive a notification of motion or doorbell ring, click into the app, see and speak with the person, store video clips, and more.

Integrate compatible cameras.  See live activity, get video clips, notifications, store video, and more

Connect and control compatible smart devices such as locks, lights and thermostats.  This is particularly necessary if you have a pet sitter or someone entering your home while on vacation or out of town.   Do you have a family member that keeps lower the air conditioner temperature?  This convenient function lets you combat that from anywhere you are.

Automate your routines.  For even greater convenience, you can create scenes that will control your security system and smart-home devices automatically.  Set a schedule so that when you disable the home security system, your door automatically unlocks and lights come on. Or when the system is enabled, the smart thermostat will lower the home’s temperature and turn off lights in case you forget.