10 Ways to Prevent Electrical Accidents

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Hundreds of Americans die in electricity-related accidents. Thousands more are badly hurt.

10 electrical safety reminders to keep you and your family safe

  1. Never touch anything electrical with wet hands or while standing in water.  Wear rubber shoes in wet areas.  If you get a tingle or shock when touching a sink, tub, or other wet area, turn off the power at the main panel (if it’s safe) and immediately call an electrician.
  2. Don’t use frayed or broken cords or plug in anything with a missing prong.
  3.  Cover unused outlets.  Keep metal objects such as silverware away from outlets.
  4. Don’t overload sockets.  Use a power board with a safety switch and only use one per wall outlet.
  5. When unplugging, don’t yank!  Pull by the plug, not the cord.
  6. Don’t run cords under rugs or furniture. Also keep them away from pets that like to chew.
  7. Always clean the lint filter for your dryer. If an item says “do not put in dryer“, trust the warning!  Read more about dryer safety.
  8. Test safety switches each year.
  9. Don’t fly kites near power lines.  The kite or string can conduct electricity sending it right through you to the ground.
  10. Never touch a downed power line or climb a utility pole.

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