5 Ways to Prevent Home Security False Alarms

Mar 5, 2019 | General

Have you wondered what happens behind the scenes when a home alarm is triggered?

Every alarm will set normal home security alarm procedures into action: When EMC Security’s monitoring center receives an alarm notification, it will immediately call to verify the alarm.  If we can not reach anyone by phone (or by our new EMC Text-Alert response system), then the police and/or fire department will be dispatched to the home – whether it is an actual emergency or not.  

False alarms can be quite costly to homeowners, depending on where you live. Many cities in Georgia require that homeowners register their alarms, and may charge homeowners false alarm fees ranging from $25 to $500 per incident. And while false alarms can happen, it’s important to take proactive measures to help reduce their occurrence.

We’ve outlined five ways homeowners can prevent false alarms.

1. Make sure all users know how to arm and disarm the system.

It’s been reported that 32% of false alarms are due to lack of end-user training, so everyone in your household, including frequent visitors such as babysitters, needs to know how the alarm system operates, which doors and windows are connected, and the correct codes associated with the alarm system.

2. Stay connected with security cameras.

Know what’s happening at home at any time, from anywhere. Security cameras send clips to your phone so you can verify an alarm signal before authorities are dispatched.

3. Watch for stray objects near motion detectors.

If you have motion detectors, make sure there are no drapes or other objects that may move in front of them and cause a false alarm. Be especially aware of forced air heating/cooling vents and ceiling fans.

4. Plan for pets.

If you have a pet, you will need to install a pet immune motion sensor. This type of sensor can ignore movements caused by pets weighing 40 to 80 lbs. You can adjust the sensitivity based on how big or small your pet is.

5. Regularly check your security system and batteries

It’s recommended that you test your system monthly to be sure it’s operating correctly. EMC Security customers can visit our office for a free battery and can call us at 770.963.0305 to have us walk you through testing your security system. It’s also recommended to replace old alarm systems with more up-to-date equipment every 10 years.

So what should you do in case of a false alarm?

When your alarm is activated, a notification is sent to the central monitoring station for immediate action. This includes contacting you at a predetermined phone number. If you have EMC Security’s Text Alert, you and everyone on your emergency contact list will receive a text notification. If someone knows what’s going on, he or she can respond appropriately.

If you’ve triggered the alarm yourself, immediately contact your monitoring station to report the false alarm. Declaring a false alarm quickly can stop police from being dispatched unnecessarily — and save you from being hit with a fine by your city.

Contact EMC Security today to learn more our home security options by calling 770.963.0305.

5 Ways to Prevent Home Security False Alarms