A Home Security Industry Dilemma: Challenging A Contract

Jan 10, 2024 | General

It’s not uncommon for a local company in the home security industry to be bought out by a national one, but sometimes, this transition doesn’t go as smoothly as it should. Customers can find themselves caught in a web of confusion, with different policies and rules applied to their account.

Recently, we at EMC Security had the opportunity to assist a local homeowner who shared their troubling experience with a larger national home security company. This homeowner decided to switch security service from the national company to EMC Security after the national company acquired their security account from another company that is no longer in business.  While trying to cancel service, the customer was informed they were bound to a contract until 2025, with a termination fee of over $500. Puzzlingly, their contract term was fullfilled 14 years ago and could not be found in the new company’s system. The customer faced several roadblocks with their customer service, but by persistently asking for proof of the contract,  which was not obtained, the customer was able to cancel without any penalties.

This ordeal was frustrating for the customer – but in fact many consumers would have accepted what they were told as fact without objecting.  This is where EMC Security, locally owned and operated, chooses a different path – no contract required.

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Navigating the Pitfalls of Contracts

During an acquisition of local security firms by larger corporations, customers often find themselves in troublesome situations. Imagine being committed to an agreement under one venture’s regulation, only to find the new, larger organization declaring an alternate set of rules.

“My previous alarm company didn’t have any interest in fixing my existing system, only suggested I spend $800 to buy a new one and increase my monthly maintenance fee. No details on what it included, just $800. EMC came out, swapped out the old receiver and installed a new one on my existing system. Works like a charm and my monthly fee even went down.  Glad I switched from the big brand.”  Google review

Additionally, the absence of a hard copy of your contract can leave you helpless against declarations of contract renewals and price increases.  Even in scenarios where no contract exists, the intimidation of penalties and debt collection can coax homeowners into enduring their services, leading to unnecessary expenses.

Never just accept the declaration of contract duration from your security provider; insist on procuring a hard copy of the signed contract.

A Trust-Based Approach of EMC Security

With our roots deeply embedded in the local community, EMC Security places a high value on fostering trust and ensuring transparency with customers. We do not tie down customers with lengthy, monitoring contracts. Our customers sign a service agreement providing permission to monitor their security system, with no obligation.  Service is truly on a month to month basis.

“I just changed from another alarm company to EMC security. The technician came out and did a thorough check of all of my window and door sensors and smoke detectors. I also had him another smoke detector. Although my system is more than fifteen years old, he said it was still in great condition and they have parts if I ever need them. He was very knowledgeable of what he was doing. The sales folks and other technical staff I talked with over the phone was very helpful and knowledgeable. I am very pleased that I made this change.  I highly recommend EMC security.”  Google review

Every homeowner deserves to feel secure and reassured with their choice of home security provider.  Get in touch with us today for flexible and contract-free security solutions customized to safeguard your home.