Home Security Customer Service


If you’re like most shoppers, you tend to focus on product prices and features; customer service is only considered if problems arise. But when considering the protection of your home and family, customer service should be a top consideration. 

Below are some things to consider (and what you deserve) from a security company’s customer care:


When a home security company provides great customer service, it’s evident during the first phone call:

With a Sales Rep: 

Sales representatives at the best companies avoid using high-pressure tactics. Instead of launching into sales pitches, they listen to callers’ concerns and attempt to provide helpful information.  EMC Security’s sales team do not work on commission; therefore we do not do everything possible to get the sale.

The best full-service security companies provide in-home evaluations at no cost to the customer.  This is the best way to customize a security system and extra (like camera and smart-devices) to the customer’s needs and wants.  What works in one home, may not be the best device in another.

At the In-home Installation/Activation Appointment: 

The technician should be clean and efficient while installing the system.

Many companies do not test pre-existing equipment.  Best security companies, like EMC Security test all components even components that existed prior to installation and are part of the system.

The best security technicians do not leave the home without training the occupants to effectively use the system – AND help install and set-up the mobile app if applicable.

After Activation – Once You’re a Customer:

The best home security companies work to save customers money by offering technical support over the phone at no cost.  EMC Security has 6-8 support technicians that provide technical service over the phone – saving customers money in service fees.

EMC Security continues to communicate with customers throughout their customer journey.  Through monthly system communication testing (every system is tested every month – if we don’t receive a signal, the customer is notified), emails and texts when we received trouble signals such as low battery or power loss, and monthly customer newsletters to keep customers informed of new equipment and ways to enhance their protection.

Unlike many companies that lock customers into lengthy contracts, EMC Security understands that the customer is in charge.  With this in mind, every interaction must exceed expectations.


What does POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE look like?

When a security company delivers low-quality customer service, that’s often evident during a potential customer’s first phone call. No one likes high pressure sales.  If you get caught, beware that customer service will erode once you’re a customer.

A company with long term contracts by nature provides the worse customer service.  Ask yourself, why should they provide good service?  That customer can’t get out of the contract without paying it off.  Either way, it’s a win FOR THE COMPANY.

Many alarm users in the area have been anxious because a major security company was acquired by a national brand, that does not install, and may not provide technical service for the type of system the original company sold.  If the customer has a technical issue with the system, the new company may need to replace it with new equipment – which is quite costly for the customer.  Additionally, the new company enrolls the customer into another lengthy contract upon activation.  In case you had any questions, this is POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

EMC Security has been a no-contract service company since inception in 1998.  In fact, our base monitoring rate of $16.95 has not changed in over 23 years.