Home Security for the Elderly

Medical Alert


It’s not uncommon for senior citizens and people with disabilities to feel vulnerable at times, especially if they live alone.

In addition to door locks and window locks, there are several safety devices that can be easily added to their homes to help make them feel a bit more secure.

Home Alarm Systems

Assuming the door and window security is up to par, installing a home alarm system is a great way to provide a general sense of safety. The EMC DIY Home Security System is a stand-alone home alarm system that is the perfect solution for smaller properties, like small houses, townhouses, or apartments. A home alarm system can be an early warning sign when things go wrong, or simply provide peace of mind to elderly or vulnerable people living by themselves.

Video Doorbells

For people with potential mobility issues a video doorbell is a great extra smart security device for the home. The EMC video doorbell allows homeowners to monitor and communicate with visitors without having to actually walk to the door. This means you can have a conversation with someone at the door from the comfort of your armchair, then decide to let them in once you are confident it’s safe. Our video doorbells allow clear two-way communication between the homeowner and visitor, while simultaneously providing crystal clear high-definition footage of the person outside your door.

Sometimes, vulnerable people can feel that they are the target of crimes, but with EMC Security video doorbells and security systems in place, those with limited mobility can feel safe and secure in their own homes.