How a Social Media Status Update Can Cost You Thousands of Dollars

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There’s almost nothing better than being on summer vacation.

When you’re having fun, it’s so tempting to share all the excitement on social media. However, you may want to read this before you update your Facebook status, check in on Foursquare or snap and post that beachfront selfie.  Burglars that are intent on stealing your valuables will utilize your social media posts to determine if you’re at home.

78% of Burglars Use Social Media to Target Homes

Statistics show, 78% of home burglars use social media platforms to select the homes they intend to rob.   Location-based platforms such as Facebook or Twitter make their information especially valuable to criminals, who are always looking for the easiest access possible to your home. And what could be easier than an unoccupied home? If the average home robbery takes 10 minutes, imagine the kind of access you’re offering a burglar when you announce you’re taking off on a 14-day cruise!

In addition to the risk of being robbed, some insurers in the United States are now denying claims for home break-ins when they discover that the policyholder posted on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms while he or she was away on a trip.  

How Can I Avoid being targeted by a Facebook-surfing Thief?

Hold off on posting while you’re away, and save all those great pics for an online photo album AFTER you return from your trip. Don’t use the check-in feature on any of your social media. If you’re traveling with family, set guidelines for posting to social media that apply to everyone.

Above all, make sure to ARM YOUR ALARM on your security system before you set off on your road trip.

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