Safety at Home – How Safe is Your Bedroom?

Fire Safety, Homeowner Tips

The average American spends almost eight hours sleeping every day. Since most people slumber in their bedrooms, make sure it’s safe and sound.

Below are ways to keep your bedrooms safe:


Child-proof Window Locks

According to, approximately 14 kids in America are hospitalized every day for falls out of windows.  Unintentional falls are the number one cause of non-fatal injuries for kids. Even if you have screens in your windows, they’re not meant to bear the weight of children—or even pets. To prevent your child from falling out of an open window, install child-proof window locks. 


Fire Escape Ladders

We spend one-third of the day asleep in our bedrooms, so you have a 33 percent chance of being there when a fire breaks out. If you’re on the ground floor, you can escape through a window, but if you need to climb down from a second or third-story bedroom, a fire escape ladder can save the day. Follow our guide to make a fire escape plan and evacuation route to increase your preparedness for emergencies like these.


Smoke Detectors

A fire can be deadly at any time of day, but particularly at night.  It’s recommended you place a smoke detector outside of every bedroom.  Monitored smoke detectors offer even greater protection – and EMC Security monitors for fire at no additional monthly cost.  EMC Security will take care of getting you the help you need, while you take care of getting your loved ones to safety.  


Security Cameras

Jewelry, heirlooms, and other valuables are often kept in the bedroom.  For this reason, the master bedroom is the first place a burglar goes when intruding in a home.  Install a security camera just inside or outside the door to capture the scene on video.  If you make it visible enough, the intruder may change his mind and vacate so they aren’t caught on video. 


Home Safe

Lock up your valuables in a safe.  Make sure it’s heavy and difficult for an intruder to carry.