How to Prevent a False Alarm

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Statistics show that home alarms have been proven to reduce the likelihood of home intrusions.

Savvy burglars know to choose homes with the course of least resistance, thereby avoiding homes with security measures such as outdoor cameras, motion activated security lights, and burglar alarms — all of which, work in unison to keep your property safe. Home security alarms alert you and your security monitoring company that your home has been breached, reducing the risk of further damage. Despite all of the good things alarms do for us as homeowners, it can be annoying when your security system is set off accidentally.

There are many reasons why false alarms. For instance, a large proportion can be blamed on homeowners forgetting to disarm the system prior to letting the dog out or empty the trash. Another aspect could be entering the wrong passcode.

So, how can we minimize these occurrences and prevent the frustration which usually accompanies falsely activated alarms?

Residential False Alarm Prevention Guide

Before you activate your system:

  • Lock all protected doors and windows.
  • Educate family members on alarm system and usage.
  • Contact EMC Security if you have any concerns about the proper functionality your system.
  • Notify EMC Security if you plan any renovating or remodeling your home.
  • Educate family members on what to do if your alarm is accidentally triggered.
  • Use the EMC Text Alert app to chat with your emergency contacts when your alarm is triggered and respond appropriately from your phone.
  • First, don’t panic, there is time. Enter your disarm code (carefully) to reset your system. Remember, if there were a burglar, he or she would not know your code. Do not write it on your keypad.
  • Call EMC Security at 1-888-745-4733 or wait for us to call you. Give your password  — this is different from your disarm code.

Make sure that anyone who has keys to your home KNOWS how to operate the alarm.

Commercial False Alarm Prevention Guide

Tips for Commercial Businesses

  • Be sure all employees are thoroughly trained before attempting to use the alarm system. Hold monthly training sessions.
  • Look for items that can move within the “view” of your motion detectors, causing false alarms fans, heaters, hanging signs, seasonal decorations, balloons, curtains, plants, etc.).
  • Confirm that special consideration has been given to the installation of motion detectors in high traffic areas with overhead doors, large exhaust fans or ceiling vents which allow the entry of birds.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are secure and locked before arming your system.
  • Don’t change pass-codes without advising EMC Security.
  • Train new users thoroughly, notifying EMC Security of new users.
  • Service and maintain your system (including batteries) regularly before false alarms occur.
  • Upgrade old alarm systems to current equipment conforming to Security Industry Association (SIA) false alarm prevention standards, further reducing false alarms.

Every municipality in Georgia has alarm registration requirements.  Some have false alarm ordinances as well.  Make sure you understand your ordinance and fee guidelines before installing a security system in your home or business.