Kids Home Alone? Introduce Them to Home Security


The effectiveness of your home’s security system relies on those who use it – and that includes your children.

If your children are old enough to be left home alone, use these tips for introducing them to home security and personal safety.

1.  Make Sure They Are Ready

It is one thing for your child to operate your home security system while you’re there, but it’s totally different from when you are away.

Making sure your child is mature enough to use the system on their own is an important question of consideration. Most kids are left at home alone starting around age 12 or 13, but that doesn’t mean your child ready to handle the responsibility.

Your children should be able to interact with the home security system (arming it and disarming it) and be able to take care of themselves while they are at home alone.

2.  Have a Training Session

Schedule time to train your child on the home security system. Make it exciting and avoid drawing out the process for too long.

Let your child know the purpose of the home security system (protecting your home and family), but keep the conversation positive and do not frighten or intimidate them.

3.  Test It Out

After you’ve covered the steps of arming/disarming your home system with your child, test it out. Over the course of a few days, have them take charge of arming and disarming the system while under your supervision to make sure they know how to operate it.


Children can remain at home safely with a home security system. However, not all security systems are created equal.

If you are thinking about leaving your kids at home alone, consider updating your current home alarm to one that is kid-friendly and simple to use. An EMC Security professional can help you pick out the right alarm system for the entire family.

Learn more about teaching your children to use your home security system by contacting EMC Security. Need to purchase a home security system? Call today at (770) 963-0305 or visit us online