Protecting Your Family with Safety Locks


As a parent, one of your biggest worries is how to keep your children safe at home. Making sure that windows and doors are fully secure so that children can’t just walk straight out of the house when unattended is an important aspect of childproofing any home. As such, purchasing and installing safety locks is a great way to increase the level of protection offered within the home. Here are a few benefits of child proofing your home.

Benefits of Safety Restrictors

Fall Prevention – The main benefit of a safety restrictor is that it prevents a child from opening a window wide enough to be able to fall out of it.

Provides Air to a House – Much like a chain, a safety restrictor allows you to leave a door or window ajar. It allows you to create a draft of fresh air without opening all the windows and the access that provides to intruders.

Easy to Use – For security purposes the easy to use cable lock comes with cut key locking. All you have to do is insert the key and twist to lock or press the button after key insertion to unlock.

Help protect your family by installing in safety and prevention locks around your home or contact an EMC Security expert for additional advice.