Protecting Your Home During Summer Vacation

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Summer-time is fast-approaching which usually means that millions of families are gearing up for their traditional summer vacation.

If you are among those who are planning to travel away from home for a summer vacation, here are a few tips to help guarantee that your home security remains in tip-top shape during your time away from home.

Ask A Friend or Neighbor to Perform Daily Checks of Your Home

One thing that you could do is to ask close friends and family to either house sit while you are away, routinely check for mail, water the plants and to make the house appear as active as possible during your time away.

Stage Your Home to Look Occupied

If you leave blinds open at the front of the house when you are living there, stick to that routine when you are away. It is a good trick to alternate between rooms in the front and the back in case any potential burglars are looking to see if anyone is home. Use fake TV switches to activate your television as night arrives to give the perfect appearance of a working television set behind the blinds and curtains.

Upgrade Your Alarm System

Lastly, just before departing for a summer holiday where you’ll be away from home for a week or two, take time to conduct a thorough review of your home security system, including the strength of all doors and windows, locks and your current alarm system.

The last thing you want when going away on holiday is to worry about your home. Put in place a strict check of your home before setting off for vacation, and upgrade alarm systems and other home security processes if necessary.

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