Six Must-Do Spring Home Security and Care Tips for Weekend Warriors

Homeowner Tips

Before summer vacation explodes upon us, it’s time for all you Georgia homeowners – weekend warriors – to do some home improvements that will help make your dwelling more secure.

Exterior maintenance goes hand-in-hand with home security. Here are six must-do tasks to tackle this Saturday!

Even if it’s not quite warm enough in Georgia to get the A/C cranked up, it’s a good idea to do a quick visual inspection of your units. Perform basic service and replace the filters. It’s not too early to call in an expert to check the performance and parts of your air conditioner, either. An A/C unit that’s on the fritz can mean comfort and safety issues for everyone in the home.

1.  Do Basic Landscape Maintenance.

Winter takes a toll on Georgia yards. Remove dead shrubs and trees. Clear out fallen debris and branches. You don’t want to leave any overgrown areas near the home that could provide cover for prowlers.

2.  Inspect Your Tools and Tool Storage.

Pull out your yard toys and make sure they are in good working order. Ensure that the gasoline that powers them is stored properly – you don’t want a yard fire ruining your summer! Make sure the doors and locks for exterior storage sheds, outbuildings basements, and garages are not rusted or broken. Make repairs as necessary. Broken locks and yard tools are an easy mark for burglars!

3.  Check on Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures.

Turn on your outdoor faucets and pipes. Do any of them drip or leak? Tighten them up. Leaking water can weaken exterior walls, too. If you’ve got a leak anywhere in your home – especially in your roof or your interior ceilings& – you’ve got a potentially serious security issue

4.  Take a Walk at Night to Check Your Lights.

Stroll around your home at nightfall. Look up at your security lights on your roofline, the corners, and especially the lights on your entrances, front door, and driveway. Make sure all of them are clean of debris and dirt and have working bulbs. Pay special attention to your exterior motion sensor lights – make sure they’re coming on and off like they’re supposed to do! Motion sensors are an important part of your home’s security

5.  Examine Your Door and Window Frames.

Winter weather can take a toll on the detailing around doors and windows, making the frames vulnerable to burglars using tools to break into a home. Get them replaced if they’re rotted or damaged in any way.

6.  Protect It.

Now that you’ve read about why home maintenance is essential to keeping your home secure, why not give it the ultimate level of safety?

An EMC Security monitoring system can help you keep track of your home’s interior and exterior spaces with a touch of your smart phone. One low price per month, with no contract, ensures that your home is protected with and our 24/7 professional monitoring. 

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