AI to the Rescue: How Home Security is Getting Whole Lot Smarter

May 3, 2023 | General

The future of home security is a smart one.

We already know how much the internet of things can help us stay safe and secure in our homes. From smart security system with cameras, smart locks, and connected lights, there are plenty of ways to make your home safer with technology.

But the next frontier for home security is artificial intelligence (AI). As more companies invest in AI research, we’ll see smarter and better-operating systems.


Here’s what you need to know about how AI will change your life:


AI can help spot and prevent intrusions.

No one wants their home security system to be a constant source of stress. The right AI can help prevent false alarms and keep intruders out of your house.  For example, systems with AI can recognize when someone is trying to break into your house by monitoring the movement of their body heat or infrared light through a camera. If there’s no one there, then it won’t set off an alarm; if there is someone in the room (or even just outside), then it will go off immediately and call for help immediately before anyone gets hurt.


AI is also able to detect problems before they become big problems.

Similar to monitored smoke detection, if there’s a fire in the kitchen and smoke starts to fill up your house, an AI-powered alarm system would alert you immediately so that you can take action. Or if someone has broken into the house and turned off all of the lights (which happens often), an AI-powered camera would pick up on this fact and send an alert directly to your phone or smartwatch–and then it will start recording what’s going on inside that room so that when law enforcement arrives later on they have evidence.


Automation can make it easier to detect problems and alert the right people.

Automation can reduce false alarms from human error. When you’re away, your home security system may be able to automatically notify a neighbor who’s around if something seems amiss. This can help prevent false alarms that are triggered by an unfamiliar sound or movement in the house, which are often caused by pets or other animals getting into trouble while you’re away–and it also saves time for police officers who might have otherwise been dispatched on a false alarm call.  This feature is available today through EMC Security’s Text-Alert service.


Automation can help spot and prevent intrusions before they happen.

If there’s motion detected on the property, AI could automatically notify someone when there’s unusual activity happening around the house (like someone sneaking onto your property). And if this is paired with facial recognition software that knows who belongs where within its range of view, then even more protection against unwanted guests becomes possible.


Security systems are getting smarter, and that’s a good thing for everyone.  You can use them to help prevent intrusions and keep an eye on your home while you’re away. The more intelligent your security system is, the better it will be at detecting problems before they happen.  Stay on the look-out for AI in home security, your future self will thank you.