The Gone in 60 Seconds EMC Security Checklist

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Let the Countdown Begin

With all the hustle and bustle of getting up and out on a weekday morning, it can be difficult to remember the kids’ lunches, let alone securing your home against unwanted visitors in your absence. With the clock ticking, it can be easy to make a dash for the car without so much as securing the front door in the midst of your haste! Needless to say, it only takes a moment of forgetfulness on your part for thieves to leverage this opportunity to their advantage.

Fortunately, EMC Security realizes that for many of us, time is as precious as home security and has thus devised this clever sixty-second checklist, meaning we don’t have to sacrifice security at the risk of running late!

T-Minus 60 seconds…

A window of opportunity – You would never leave your front door wide open so why the double standards for windows? An open window is an open invitation for would-be-burglars to access your home. Even windows located on upper levels of your home offer an opportunity for determined intruders to break in.

Take a moment to go around the house and shut tight any windows that might have escaped your attention, including conservatories and bathrooms.

T-Minus 40 seconds…

Ring the alarm – Did you know that only half of the homeowners with a burglar alarm actually activate it when they leave the house? If you’re a guilty party to this statistic, now is the time to recognize it and change! It only takes a moment to arm your home security system, which could potentially save weeks of stress and anxiety following a break-in.

T-Minus 30 seconds…

Secure the doors – Locking the front door is the most obvious form of protection against home invasions, yet 42% of people admit to routinely leaving their door unlocked, even when no one is home! It’s important to invest in high-quality locks or smart locks for true peace of mind.

T-Minus 20 seconds…

Spotlight on security – Ensuring proper function of your external security lights is paramount, as they play a major role in helping keep your home secure. Take a moment to test yours out as you leave the house; if the batteries need changing, add a note to your shopping list for that day.

T-Minus 10 seconds…

The last walkthrough – Before you jump in the car, make a habit of glancing up at your house as a whole. Lend a keen eye to any elements that might signal potential weakness to burglars and jot them down.

By keeping a physical list of items that require attention, it’s much more likely that you’ll get to them when you have a bit more time!