The Master Bedroom – A Burglar’s #1 Go-To

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As a follow-up to a previous blog, What Burglars are Looking For, Let’s expand on the Master Bedroom.

The main item a burglar is looking for in your home is cash, or something that can be sold for cash.

“The first thing [I look for] is anything of monetary value,” a burglar wrote in a 2017 poll of 86 convicted burglars.

Jewelry and guns are almost as good as cash.

“If you can get guns, they are easier to sell,” said Jerome Gilgan, a former burglar who now works as a rehabilitation counselor.

Some burglars admitted to seeking out the safe or lockbox first.

“A safe  to me, is my goal item to locate. I would leave everything else to get this, nothing means more to me than the safe.”

Where can all these items be found?  The Master Bedroom.

Burglars will go to any length to scour this room full of valuables.  The jewelry box, guns in the closet, cash in a drawer, and even things under the floor boards.  Our sactuary, our safe-place is actually the most vulnerable to thieves.

How can you keep your valuable safe?

  1. Use a LARGE, HEAVY safe.  It is not easy to carry.
  2. Use smart-lighting and cameras to deter criminals.
  3. Be a good neighbor.  Watch your neighbor’s house and ask for it in return.
  4. Install and arm your security system.  A burgler is 3 times as likely to break-into a home without one.