What Burglars Are Looking For In Your Home

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Most burglars tend to avoid the challenge of intruding a home that is protected while opting for homes with weaker security.

Nevertheless, once a burglar has gained access to your home, there are a few specific things that they are looking to steal. Here we take a look at what you need to consider as a homeowner or tenant, and how to counteract becoming a victim.

Unlocked Entry Points

When sizing up a property, most burglars are looking for the easiest way to get inside without being detected. Unsecured windows and doors act as open invitations for thieves to enter your home and increase the likelihood of a successful burglary.

Valuables in the Bedroom

Seasoned burglars are well are of the fact that most valuables are stored (or hidden) in the bedroom, and it is the first place that a thief will look for things like jewelry, small electronics, or potentially, sentimental items. And while a burglar won’t waste time trying to figure out the combination to your safe, they will take it with them if it’s small and not secured to the floor or wall, so don’t assume that your valuables are secure just because you’ve locked them away.

Cash Lying Around

Home intruders are looking for easy items to steal items with the highest cash value, allowing them to get in and out quickly. Cash and jewelry are the two things that are most likely to be taken first.

The main thing that will scare away a burglar is a solid home security system. If they gain entry and an alarm sounds it is more likely than not that they will leave immediately. For others, a home that has visible alarm systems, and intercom capabilities at the front door, is less likely to be targeted as the owners have taken their home security seriously.

If you would like to bolster your home security give EMC Security a call today and we can help put together a plan for your home.