The Top Three Elements That Attract Burglars to Businesses

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When it comes to scoping out a target, thieves look for particular characteristics.

We’ve keyed in on the top three qualities of a business that attract burglars:

Businesses that sell recognizable valuables: Jewelry, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and alcohol are all targeted by criminals because they sell high demand items. Once a criminal invades these businesses, they are able to steal many items quickly. After making a swift getaway, they can filter through the stolen possessions and sell them for money.

Money related businesses: It should come as no surprise that burglars often key in on companies that intake huge loads of cash. Establishments like banks and pawn stores are tempting targets for crooks.

Late-night businesses: Restaurants, bars, gas stations and convenience stores with prolonged hours of operation are other major targets for thieves because fewer people are around to deter their unwanted behavior.

How Can You Protect Your Business?

Deter thieves from burglarizing your business by implementing the following security solutions:

Security cameras allow you to monitor your business when you’re away. Catch and prevent burglars by installing video cameras throughout your business. Place them around your building’s perimeter, especially near doorways and windows. Also, consider areas where criminals would be most drawn to such as cash registers, inventory rooms, and safes.

Hire a company to monitor your alarm and alert you if an intruder attempts to invade your business. Whenever an alarm is triggered, the monitoring center will notify you and the proper authorities of the incident. EMC Security offers its customers a mobile app that allows you to manage your security system from your smartphone.


Implementing these tips will help you secure your business from burglars and deter unwanted criminal activities.