Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Alarm System


Home security technology is forever changing and improving.

And while it’s true that you can upgrade it on a regular basis, it is important to stay informed on industry-changing innovations and designs. Here are a few reasons why you should stay ahead of the criminals and stay as upgraded as possible:

Older Technology is Easier to Hack

Older technology excites would-be burglars because it’s much simpler for them to circumvent these systems and breach your home defense. In all likelihood, they’ve encountered similar security systems in the past and are familiar with how to get around them.

Stay Up-to-date with Phone Technology

Many older home security systems rely on landline telephone numbers. However, thieves can cut traditional phone lines, thereby preventing security systems from alerting authorities that a breach in your home security has occurred. As such, it is effective to upgrade to a system that uses a wireless phone communication system.

Get Connected

The best modern technology is smart and connected. Look at how you manage your home in its entirety, rather than as individual segments and you’ll soon be able to control the temperature in your home, your security and even your lighting with one press of a smartphone button.

Safety from Any Location

The interconnectivity of smart networks these days mean that you can keep a check on your home from wherever you are. Smartphone connectivity means you can use an app on your phone to keep track of system activity. Some examples of this are using EMC Security home products, EMC Security Video Doorbell, and the Connect Plus security system.

Minimize Potential Black Spots

The newer the home security system, the lower the risk of potential problems with that system. Automation has improved as well as analysis and data collection from home systems, which helps to ensure that you have the best chance of limiting the threat of burglars.

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