Ways to Save Money on Home Security


With the cost of everything continuing to rise, many of us are looking for ways to save money. 

With EMC Security, you don’t sacrifice quality of service – and in most cases, you end up paying less than other providers.  

Below are ways you can save money on your home security without sacrificing the protection of your home and family.


Switch to a lower cost provider.

As mentioned above, it doesn’t cost much to switch to another provider – that can use the equipment already installed in your home.  EMC Security is one of only a few in Atlanta that can help save money by converting your system to our monitoring centers.  With a few minor changes – maybe a new keypad, your system can be as good as new.  

Wiring and some devices such as motion sensors can be reused from old systems if necessary; EMC Security tests all devices to make sure they are still functional and will replace them if necessary.  


Comparison shop.

When shopping for a new security system, consider all of the features you need, and then compare those features across different security systems. You’ll want to make sure that your home security system has all of the bells and whistles you want–and if it doesn’t, don’t feel like you have to settle for less than what’s right for your family!

Price is important too–but don’t forget about other factors such as customer service and reviews when comparing prices between companies. 


Opt for DIY (Self-Installation)

If you’re good with tools and instructions, DIY installation can be a great way to save money on home security. 

EMC Security DIY kits come with everything necessary for installation, the keypad, sensors and motion detectors that are easy to mount on walls or doors. All you have to do is follow the instructions included in each package (and instructional videos on our website).

If something doesn’t work right away after following the directions, technical support is just a phone call away.  If the issue can’t be fixed by trouble-shooting over the phone, a technician can visit the home to complete the installation. 

EMC Security’s DIY systems are fast and easy to install – and they save you money on professional installation.  

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Get a homeowners insurance discount.

Be sure to check with your insurance company about the possibility of receiving a discount on your homeowners insurance. Some companies will offer discounts for security systems and other safety devices like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.  Learn more >>

Some homeowners also qualify for reductions in their premiums when they install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes. While these devices do not offer protection from intruders, they can help prevent loss of life in an emergency situation.


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