What Makes EMC Security Different Than the Others?

Mar 5, 2019 | EMC Security News, General

The biggest difference: No Contracts!

You can’t purchase another professionally installed security system without agreeing to at least a 36-month contract. This practice has been the standard for years so the providers can offer low up-front installation and equipment fees.  The problem with this is once the equipment costs would be paid off, the high monthly fee (absorbing the equipment costs) does not reduce.

Since our inception in 1998, EMC Security has offered no-contract monitoring service.  You pay for your equipment upfront with monitoring and communication charges paid on a month to month basis, with the option to cancel any time.  If you need to finance the equipment, we have an interest-free option for that as well.

Security Technology

EMC Security sells a variety of security equipment including Honeywell security technology.  Honeywell is the largest manufacturer of security technology in the world.  All the equipment is non-proprietary which means that other companies can reprogram it for their monitoring system.  Some well-known, national companies do not sell this type of technology, preferring instead to use their own proprietary equipment, blocking other companies from monitoring the systems.  This trend is unfortunately one that locks customers in as well, because the system is worthless if you are not happy with the monitoring service.

Alarm Monitoring

EMC Security’s monitoring cost of $16.95 per month and has not changed since 1999.  We believe everyone should be able to afford to be safe at home, so we keep costs low.  Most notably though is our Secure Path Technology.  No matter what extra features a home security system offers, the bottom line is whether someone is monitoring your home 24/7 and can get help to you fast when you need it most.

EMC Security pioneered a monitoring architecture that sends a signal simultaneously to two, separately staffed, UL listed, CSAA Five-Diamond Certified command centers, which means a highly trained operator will always be available to answer the call. With an average response time of 14 seconds, homeowners have the added peace of mind that comes with rapid response.

Most security providers utilize a single command center that requires rerouting in the event the first center is busy or otherwise disabled, wasting time and creating unnecessary risk.

Additionally, security technology is built with an “alarm signal delay” of at least 45 seconds.  EMC Security overrides this delay so the signal is transferred to our monitoring centers immediately.  A lot can happen in 45 seconds and we don’t want to take that chance when lives are at stake.


What EMC Security Can Do For You That Others Can’t

Custom System vs Package Deals

The reason why buying home security can be so confusing is that companies offer security “packages”.  The packages start at a base price, often with “free equipment” included, and go up to what is often an astronomical price.  EMC Security does not offer package pricing.  Our systems are customized for your home and lifestyle so your system is the perfect blend of technology that fits your needs.

Customer Service

Finally, what separates EMC Security from the rest is our ownership and values.  Because we are owned by three of the largest non-profit power companies in Georgia, we are able to keep costs down and focus on service.  Like our parent companies, we put customer satisfaction above everything else because we know that happy customers are key to maintaining a successful business. By endorsing highly ethical business practices, both within our organization and across our customer and potential customer base, we send our message as a standard, not as a fallback.

This is very important when the lives of our customers are at stake.