Customer Newsletter – March 2020

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While You Have Some Time on Your Hands…

While we’re all hunkered down at home, many of us are tackling projects we’ve put off, cooking and baking new recipes, reading a good book, and playing games with the kids.

This “down-time” might also give you an opportunity to go over your home safety and security such as:

  • Educate your family members on how to use the security system.
  • Develop an emergency plan so if you experience a break-in or fire, and the alarm goes off, you’ll be prepared.
  • Evaluate your notification preferences – sign up for EMC Text-Alert so you’ll get a text if your alarm is triggered.
  • Develop good habits – do you arm your system on Stay Mode while you’re there during the day?

EMC Security is also adhering to the social distancing guidelines with many corporate employees working from home and those that are necessary in the office, practicing good sanitary habits.

Outside of the physical changes, our core activities haven’t changed much. We’re still monitoring alarm and fire systems 24/7, still providing emergency services for our medical alert customers, and still assisting customers on the phone with any technical issues they are experiencing.

Call us! If you need anything, reach out. We’re here to help.


Those of us with homes know that a great way to social distance it to spend time in the yard – doing yard work or enjoying the spring flowers and warm breeze.

While you’re in your yard, take a look around. Does the outside of your home deter intruders?

Don’t know?

We can help. Read more to determine what you can do on the outside of your home now to prevent a possible break-in.

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