The Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources restricts open burning from May through September of each year.


During the warm weather seasons, the particulates in an open-air fire become more significant contributors to unhealthy levels of ozone. By banning open fires during those months in heavily populated Atlanta and the majority of its surrounding counties, there is a reduction in the amount of pollutants.

Once the weather has turned cooler, certain types of outdoor burning is once again permitted in north Georgia counties. Georgia residents that want to do an open burn from October through April 2018, need to check with their county ordinances on outdoor burning.

The following types of burning can be done without a permit:
  • Leaves, limbs, and natural vegetation
  • Fires that provide warmth
  • Fires that cook food
  • Recreational fires in an outdoor fireplace

Always check with your county before you do any sort of large surface, outdoor burning!  If you need a permit, visit

General safety tips for any type of open burning:
  • Gather the necessary supplies for controlling the fire—a rake, a shovel and a water hose connected to a good water source.
  • Find a burn spot that can be easily controlled in a level area, away from any buildings.
  • Start small.
  • Make sure all the materials being burned are natural. No man-made products (such as processed lumber) that might contain chemicals that ignites or gives off noxious fumes.
  • No burning within 20 feet of flammable or combustible materials.
  • Never leave an outdoor fire burning unattended.

An outdoor fire burning out of control can threaten the safety of your home and family. And in Georgia, illegal outdoor burning can get you in a world of trouble. Don’t play with fire—play it safe!

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Outdoor Burning in Georgia. Summer Ban Ends